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The final price will be negotiated for each case, but the prices here should give you a good idea of the price range.

During my career, I have given dozens of keynotes at various events. I always do background research on the keynote topic and design the content to provide value for the audience. I have extensive knowledge of many tourism business topics and can deliver insights and unique perspectives on how to do a better tourism business. Some of my favourite topics are:

  1. The future of travel and tourism
  2. How technology affects the tourism business
  3. Destination marketing and branding
  4. Successful small- and medium-sized tourism business
  5. How can a tourism entrepreneur develop an efficient marketing strategy?
  6. How to understand digital marketing in tourism?
  7. Digital transformation in tourism
  8. Sustainable development in the tourism business
  9. Tourism education
  10. Smart tourism ecosystems
  11. Nature tourism to increase wellbeing
  12. Market segmentation in customer understanding in tourism

Ask me about other topics! The standard price for a 45-minute keynote including preparations and a 15-minute discussion is 1000 EUR (+VAT).

30 minute online keynotes are 500 EUR (+VAT).

I do not ask for a fee from a keynote that is for the public good or for an academic conference. Ask me more if you are unsure!

I have been involved with more than fifty tourism businesses over the years in identifying the best way for them to develop their marketing. I can provide an answer to where to invest the marketing budget most efficiently, or how to grow your business through marketing. If you are not sure what to do next or how to improve to find new customers and get the most out of current customer relationships, ask me! My marketing workshops will give you new perspectives on how to succeed in the marketplace.

The standard price for a half-day marketing workshop with preparations is 1500 EUR (+VAT) including a concrete marketing development plan for the future.

Everything a business or destination does should start from strategy. Defining a strategy is probably one of the most important tasks in any organization. A good strategy gives the organization and all its stakeholders a clear understanding of where the organization is going, why it is going there, and how it gets there. There is no substitution for well-made market analysis and strategy development. These are the two topics I find probably most fascinating in tourism business and want to help various tourism organizations to find they way to make better tourism business.

This is typically a long project that requires several meetings and even workshops with stakeholders. This is also a process where the largest return-on-investment can be achieved. Sometimes a small, half-day workshop (1500 EUR + VAT) is all that it requires, often a wider perspective is needed. Contact me to find out more!

I love workshops! I am an efficient moderator and facilitator and have been organizing successful workshops for years in various tourism development projects. I am extremely goal-oriented and I guarantee an excellent outcome for your workshop. I am also interested in participating in workshops. I am at my best when I am working with other experts on various topics, especially ones related to tourism or business.

The standard price for the one-day workshop is 2000 EUR (+VAT) including designing workshop goals and methods, preparations, materials, facilitation, and reporting the outcomes.

I participate in in-person workshops for 1000 EUR(+VAT) for a half-day workshop and 1500 EUR(+VAT) for a full-day workshop. Participating in online workshops is half-price.

How to effectively manage a company or destinations and lead its stakeholders like the supplier network and employees are probably one of the most difficult things in the tourism business. There is not an organization that could not improve in these fields and reap considerable benefits from these improvements. I can help you to find out ways to further develop management and leadership in your organization.

The standard price for a half-day management workshop with preparations is 1500 EUR (+VAT) including a concrete management development plan for the future. However, management is such a complex phenomenon that the best ways to improve it need always be defined according to each individual case.

My logic is that every business starts with its customers. Over the years I have come to understand what customer-orientation in businesses really mean and I am always surprised how rare it is to see customer-oriented businesses. There is no substitute for understanding customers. The best way to understand customers is to do appropriate research.

I have conducted dozens of research projects and studies. I am experienced in defining the correct research problem, research questions, as well as data collection and analysis methods. I utilize both quantitative as well as qualitative research methods efficiently to provide you with the insights you need.

There are many ways we can collaborate on research from questionnaire design to complete research projects. The prices range from 500EUR upwards depending on your research needs.

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