Tourism research and development projects

Most of the work I have done is somehow connected to various research and development projects our department has coordinated or participated in during my career. Our department has extensive experience on both national and international projects and I have been involved in many of those.

Ongoing projects

Virtual Nature

Developing 360 degree virtual reality nature with gamification and Internet-of-Things devices.

Rural Finland

Coordinating rural tourism development in Finland.

Towards Responsible Tourism

Research on how to increase sustainable rural tourism in Finland and how to market sustainable rural tourism businesses to international markets.

Old projects

Customer Value in Rural Tourism

Extensive quantitative research on travel motivations, destination preferences, information search behavior and market segmentation of Finnish rural tourists.

Savonlinna Destination – Visit Saimaa 2020

Research on international customer segments and online destination marketing.


Developing multinational rural wellbeing business and tourism network.

Developing eTourism Capabilities

Researching various eTourism topics and developing online business capabilities in Finnish tourism industry.

Castle to Castle

Developing cultural route among Finnish and Russian castles.

Strengthening Research and Development Capabilities

Research on various tourism topics.