Forecasting in tourism and hospitality
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Forecasting in tourism and hospitality

During the past year, I have learned quite a lot about forecasting in tourism and hospitality. I have given dozens of radio, magazine and online interviews about the future of tourism. In this video, I present some of the key things that I have learned during the past year about forecasting in tourism. I use business travel in Finland as a case example. I have used a simple example here that focuses on the number of business travel overnights in Finland. This kind of macro-level analysis should also be supported by micro-level analysis. Even though the results show the likelihood of business travel revival in Finland, the results differ in different kinds of hotels and destinations. Some will bounce back faster, others slower. The main point is that tourism and hospitality organizations and tourism destinations have to approach forecasting systematically. The analysis must be conducted to support decision-making needs in the organization.

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Forecasting in tourism and hospitality presentation

You can see and download the slides from Slideshare

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