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The why, what, and how of doing great business in tourism and hospitality

For a while, I have had a dream of putting everything that I know about digital marketing online. Now, I finally did it, thanks to the collaboration with the Social Hotelier podcast and Sam-Erik Ruttmann.

Together, we made three videos and/or podcasts about digital marketing in tourism and hospitality. I have studied the topic and also done quite a bit of digital marketing during the past 10 years. However, digital marketing is not just digital marketing but it is connected to the whole way of doing business. With these videos, anyone can understand the mindsets, skills and knowledge digital marketing in tourism and hospitality requires. The videos are also available as a podcast at I warmly recommend the podcasts, my camera didn’t perform so well in these interviews.

The why of doing business in tourism and hospitality

In the first episode, we look at the company mission and what kind of goals a company can set for itself. It is about identifying the why we do business and how to develop customer orientation in tourism and hospitality

Company mission

The what of doing business in tourism and hospitality

The second episode looks at company strategy. It discusses how budget is the way that strategy is operationalized and how strategy connects company mission with digital marketing tactics.

Marketing strategy

The how of doing business in tourism and hospitality

In this third episode we discuss how to build a growth engine for tourism and hospitality businesses through marketing and sales. There are also some useful hints on how to do digital marketing, but the key takeaway is to learn and try yourself what works best for you.

Digital marketing tactics

These three videos quite well collect together the main aspects of doing business and digital marketing in tourism and hospitality. I believe they cover quite many important issues. It was not easy to prioritise these over everything else, but I think we did a pretty good job. What do you think? What would be the one thing every digital marketer in tourism and hospitality should know? Comment below!

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