Destination Marketing insights from DTTT Global (part 2)

Yesterday I uploaded my Destination Marketing insights from the first day of DTTT Global -event. Here in this post are also the notes from the second day. You can download the full notes with nice pictures as pdf file from here.

Destination marketing team
Me, Miikka (again!), Ira Lahovuo and Kaisa Kosonen at DTTT Global 2018 in Helsinki

Check out the programme for precise details about the speakers.

Kaisa Kosonen, Visit Finland

Issues in digital Tourism development in Finland:

Moving from historical data to forecasting tourism effects and development

Digitalization is not a project but a way of working

Four pilot projects, the results will be scaled nationwide


Kristiina Kukkohovi, Finnair, how to digitalize happiness

Digital accessibility focus

Helping small tourism companies as an airline

New customer segment: Aspirationals. Digital, sustainable, original, individual

NowHere start-up within Finnair:

Great first results in testing the service in five markets.

Interesting concept for Finnair, own digital tourism platform and wcosystem


Eero Knuutila, Finavia

21 airports

Helsinki Airport is getting ready for 30 million passengers by 2030, now 20mil, mostly based on transit traffic

Airport will become a digital platform


Kaj Pyyhtiä, Whim

Mobility as a service

People buy cars because they want freedom

Travel like a local

Integrating Whim transportation to destination content. Let whim handle route planning.


Hoor Alkhaja, Dubai Tourism

Dubai to Fit tourists in China

Dubai does not want to be dependant on oil

Tourism 20% of GDP, the largest industry

Importance of China is growing

Enabling tourism for New markets, reducing barriers for China

Dangerous to focus only on few markets.

Net Promoter Score, advocacy and satisfaction measurements to support

Using influences and market specialists

Great results… Would be fantastic to hear about failed marketing campaigns sometimes

Work with a lot of brands and integrate the destination with them

Partnerships and stakeholder support

Can’t work with marketing alone, the whole ecosystem needs to be digital


Tia Hallanoro, Helsinki, WeChat

Bnh.fi/2020 brand new helsinki

Everything based on genuine recommendations

Open data and My Helsinki open API

Focus on China – must be in WeChat

We Chat is becoming the Internet in China



Actively preparing the industry for Asian markets

Educating Chinese tourists

5G will need (and support) high quality content


Callum Mack, Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Collect and share Australian Tourism digital travel content

Dispersal is an issue, getting people to roan around the destination


Gusso & Ivanescu: Digital transformation in practice

Transformation work with Brussels

Presenting digital transformation journey service of DTTT as well as Launchpad product (learning materials)

DTTT Circles

DTTT Academy


Signe & Tine, Kopenhagen

Define strategy, execute solution

DMO moving from a broadcaster into an enabler

Feeling of Copenhagen, not just any European city

Three lessons: 1: ask not what locals can do for you – what can tourism do for locals

Tourism as a tool to develop a better city, tourism for good (SDGs)

2: you win some, you lose some

Tourists who visit most districts were most satisfied and willing to share

3: beyond the tip of the iceberg

Goal to track actual behavior

Copenhagen card from analog to digital



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