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Free Android apps to take your social media content to the next level

Many small- and medium-sized enterprises post just basic pictures, link and videos to their social media channels. Even though there are dozens of excellent and free tools to improve how social media marketing is conducted, not many businesses use these. Using these tools will allow businesses to provide more engaging and visually more attractive content. The best thing is, that the only tool you need is an Android smartphone.

Android applications for social media content creation:

  • Canva – Fantastic graphic designer to bring your media alive.
  • Layout for Instagram – set many pictures together to make one picture
  • Boomerang – record a short video that moves back and forth
  • Buffer and Hootsuite – control various social media channels in one place and schedule your posts
  • Cardboard camera – create 360-degree pictures
  • Magisto – Combine pictures and videos to make your own videos.
  • Quick – Extremely quick and convenient video editor. Combine pictures, music and videos to make your own video content.
  • FilmoraGo – Great video editing application
  • Meme Generator Free – Create memes for your marketing.
  • Motion Stills – Create small living pictures and videos.
  • Prisma – Create pictures with artistic filters.
  • Hyperlapse – Create fast-rewind videos. You can show a long video in a short time.
  • GIFShop – Make GIFs easily.
  • Snapseed – Great picture editing tool.
  • VSCO – An artistic community supported by an app that enables you to be creative with your photos.

Give these apps a chance. It does not take that much time to learn how to use them and the quality of your social media content will be improved by a great deal. You have more content possibilities to test what works for your audience and what does not work.

Social media apps for Android
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Other possibilities for social media tools

Apple and iOS have many of these applications, as well as their own applications for content creation. If you have a laptop or a computer at your disposal, you have plenty of other options:

20 Top Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media

What kind of tools are you using on your Android phone to take social media marketing and content creation to the next level? Add your apps to the comments.

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  1. I’m using *Google Photos* both on Android and computer. Works great together with scheduling too Buffer.
    All my photos safe and secure on every device – for free. Editing possibility, too. Brilliant search, AI at work. One can search e.g. “yellow flower” for Easter posts or “Christmas” for seasonal posts.

    Great tool and excellent support pages:

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