Destination marketing perspective
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Destination Marketing materials on YouTube

As part of our International Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management at University of Eastern Finland, I teach one 6 ECTS course on Destination Marketing. This is a brand new course for our university and I have built it from scratch. The course is mainly studied in groups online with extensive material available for students on various topics of destination marketing.


Destination marketing perspective
See the destination from a new perspective

I have utilized flipped learning methodology in the course, which means that there are no lectures. Most of the studying is done online and a few classroom meetings are used to discuss the most important and challenging topics and to have guest lecturers.


Free Destination Marketing YouTube Materials

To supplement the materials already available, I have added eight videos to YouTube to help our students to understand the topic of destination marketing. They are freely available for anyone to watch and learn. The topics covered in the videos are:

What is marketing

Destination marketing framework

Destination Marketing Strategy as a long-term plan for destinations

Destination brand and image

Planning marketing in tourism

Destination Marketing Budget

Destination Marketing Practical Insights

Insights into Destination Marketing


Learn even more

I have also supplemented the course materials with some blog texts that are helpful in understanding what destination marketing is all about. I have discussed the role of marketing in business growth as well as the role of technology in destination marketing. I will keep up the discussion on my blog and would like to hear what you think about these materials. Please let me know in the comments or through social media.

If you want to learn even more about destination marketing I will be creating more materials for the YouTube channel next year and updating this blog. There will also be some insights from our students at once they publish their course findings there. Also, you can, of course, apply for our programme.

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